ZMWA Online Art Exhibit


Inspiration through visual art, music, writing and other creative ventures is one of the surest ways to motivate and spread awareness about the concerns, ideas and hopes of the Zeitgeist Movement. The Washington State website ( can act as a forum for that work. There is a forum set up on the website, and a gallery will be set up once several entries are recieved. If you prefer not to participate in the forum, you can send a message through the contact form on the website and a coordinator will work with you directly on getting your work in the gallery.

There are no guidelines for the contributions other than that they represent the ideas and concepts of the Zeitgeist Movement and can be viewed or linked online.

The gallery will be promoted leading up to and on Zeitgeist Day 2014 (March 16th), so having work in before that will mean more potential exposure for the work, however the gallery will stay up indefinitely and you may continue to contribute at any time.